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Feb 2016 Mid Week Races

The first of the 3 mid-week races attracted 46 riders - the results are attached.

The Second race has now been completed with 47 riders - the results are attached.

The third of three races was run today with 50 riders - the results are attached.

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2015 HMBA XC Pointscore

2015 XC Pointscore is attached.

The poinscore includes the races conducted at Awaba as well as the 3 hour events from Singleton and Dungog. The mid-week short series and the Killikaze are not included in the results.

Send me an email to if yo have any concerns or question.

Note that to be eligible for a prize at the presentation, you must have completed at least 3 races, and be a current club member.

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2015 XC HMBA Awaba Round 5

Results from todays race (18/10/2015) at Awaba are attached.

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HMBA XC Dungog 3 hour

Results for the 3 hour XC at Dungog are attached here.

Don't forget the build day next Sunday at Awaba. Meet in the carpark at 7:30am.

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HMBA Club Gravity Enduro, Dungog Results

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Beautiful weather, Sweet trails and Awesome Riders all made for a fantastic day.
HMBA CLUB SUPER D, Gravity Enduro.
Big Shut out to all the Guys and Gals that helped out.. Really without your help we can not run any events... Thank You. Many Hands make light work....

33 riders hit the start line with 1 run of two different tracks.
Hamish Wing the fastest of the day with a combined time of 8.27.91.
Hamish was also the fastest on both trails.. Congrates

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2015 XC August Short Night Series

The results of the first round held on Wednesday August 5th are now posted.

Second race results are now posted here as well.

Results of the third race are now posted. Big thanks to the timekeepers.

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2015 XC Singleton 3 Hour

Revised results from the Singleton 3 hour held Sunday, 19/7/15 are attached.

We had 109 riders turn out for a fantastic riding day on dry tracks. Big thanks to the Singleton locals for a fantastic course. It's always great to ride up there.

Thanks to Jarrod, here is a link to the you tube video taken from the drone at the start today.

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Downhill Club 14.06.15 Results

Todays Club Downhill HALF TRACK Results.
Thanks for the great day everyone.
Congrats Jake Newell fastest with 2.15.00, 1sec faster than his first run of 2.16.06.
2nd 4 sec behind Regan Arthur with 2.19.23, then Pat Butler 2.20.85.

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HMAB XC Round 4 Results June 14, 2015

Results from todays (14th June 2015) XC race at Awaba are attached.

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2015 XC Round 3 Awaba May 24

Here are the results from today's racing.

The track was in really good condition despite the recent rain.

50 riders enjoyed the day out. A big thanks to the volunteers who made it all happen.

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2015 XC Round 2 - March 22nd Results

67 riders turned up today for a great ride at Awaba. The rain mostly stayed away and the track was in good condition for some good racing.

Thanks again to the timekeepers who came out specifically to time the race.

If you spot any problems with the results, drop us an email to

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2015 February Race 3 - Results

Results from todays race are now available. A huge turnout of 76 riders appreciated the wonderful single-track at Killingworth.

Thanks again to the volunteers who came along and took care of the timekeeping for us.

And thanks again to Dean for setting a great track, and for the following startline photo.

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Club DH Round 2 Results 15.02.15

21 riders hit up the Monkey for today’s Round 2 Club DH
Conditions where dry, loose, hot and humid.
Flats tyres seem to be the a trend for the day.
We were able to get our 2 timed runs in before the storm and down pour.
No wonder there's on dirt left on the Monkey :0

Congrates fastest of the day
BRUCE MOIR A 3:48.20
PAT BUTLER A 3:59.75 (well done! Pat under the 4)

Thanks again for the help Guys and Gals could not do it without you.
Cheers Col

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2015 February Mid Week Race 2

Yet another great turn out for a mid-week race - 64 riders!!

Many thanks to the guys who stepped up and did the timekeeping for us - most appreciated. The results are attached.

Also, we have a couple of photos from todays race thnaks to Dean. Left to right in the "First 5" photo is: Blake Polverino, Jadyn Day, Bryan Dunkin, Chris Aitken, Trenton Day. Have a look at the results and you will see how close these guys were.


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2015 February Mid Week Series

Round 1 results are attached.
Awesome turnout - 63 riders for a Wednesday evening race is fantastic.
Killingworth has some incredible single track and it is great to be back there. I clocked up 20.0km for the 3 laps, and about 170m of climbing in total.

Thanks to all those who lent a hand to make it happen.

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Downhill Club Round 1 Results

What A perfect day for the 1st HMBA club Round

Congrates Graeme Mudd fastest today 3:38.30

Thanks everyone for and Awesome Day...

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2015 XC Round 1 results

Sunday 18th January 2025. Round 1 results from Awaba are attached.

NOTE: Revised results which affects only Mens C grade are now attached.

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2015 HMBA Calendar- "One For the Fridge"

2015 Club Events Calendar:
All dates and venues are subject to change.
So please keep checking here and other promotes web pages for updates.

Hope to see you all in 2015

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Downhill/All Mountain "Killiaze" Results

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Sunday saw this last Club round for 2014

“Drift Bikes” Kotara, along with HMBA Hosted

Adrian and the guys from ”Synergy Trails” helped prepare the trail,
an Awesome flyover was built, Thanks Rick Kehoe

A Rad day! was so good to see so many people making to trip to the old HMBA stamping grounds, Killingworth!

We also ran our last DH ROUND at Killie’s
Downhill/Enduro - Results Attached…

51 Riders braved the heat, the dry, dusty conditions and the push to the top, to hit up the Old” Killie Pro” Trail (long track).

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Round 10 XC - Killikaze - Killingworth

A big thanks again to Drift Bikes for their help in staging this race. The course was certainly testing but extremely rewarding - a real mountain bike track.

125 riders in the main event, plus another handful in the kids event.

Let me know by email at if you spot any errors in the results, or have any questions.

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HMBA 2014 XC Pointscore

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The Final XC Pointscore is now attached. Be aware that the if your HMBA club membership was not current for the whole of 2014, then you may not be eligible for prizes.

Some notes about the pointscore:

If a rider has moved up a grade, then they are given average points based on their results in the higher grade for all the races they completed in the lower grade.

Only club members are eligible for prizes at the end of the year.

A rider needs to compete at least 5 races to be eligible for prizes at the end of the year.
The pointsco

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Club DH 2014 Series Pointscore

With Only one round to go this weekend at Killingworth,
Double points up for grabs in the DH Category only for club members.

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DH Club Nov 2nd 2014 Results

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Awesome day for riding,
Today was to be half track, but after full track practise,
the riders wanted full track times runs, Tooo much fun to have Half Track Eye-wink

Two runs Two Sets of Points for HMBA Club riders.
A Grades run 1 - Josh Clark & run 2 - Regan Arthur, Regan having the fastest run of the day 3:54.96 after his first run the talk was he was stopping to save butterflies!!! WT Eye-wink lol
And Josh Clark well Done went under 4:00 Smiling

B Grade - Tim Threadgate took both fastest 4:32.07 PB well done Tim!

C Grade - Ethan Hass also Both fastest 5:19.09

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Round 9 XC Awaba 2nd Nov 2014

Results from HMBA club XC racing at Awaba can be found here.

Track length was about 8km and included some parts not race before which made for a fun and interesting course.

Big thanks to the volunteers who did the timekeeping.

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Round 8 XC Awaba 19th Oct 2014

Yet another good day at Awaba. 54 riders enjoyed perfect conditions for the XC race. Thanks again to Dean, the XC Co-ordinator, for setting yet another different combination of tracks to keep it interesting and different.

The results are attached.

See you all again in just two weeks at Awaba.

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