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Downhill Club Round Nov Results

Monkey was Dry, dusty, windy, threats of fire with some over night burning logs still smoldering, but all was under control Fireman Pat and the RFS had it sorted.
Big thank you to Rick K for driving the bus all day, Craig M for helping me in timing.
Fastest times
Pat Butler 3:44.29 Ricky Boyer 3:57.18 Regan Arthur 4:03.26
Best Black Snake hop goes to Luke I believe
Great to see you all out there today well done.
Healing Vibs Clint hope all results are good

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Downhill Club Feb 14th Results

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Sunday Club Downhill 14th Feb
Racing at Awaba Half Track “Monkey”
With last January round cancelled due to yes again rain, we found Sunday a taxing Hot and Sweaty 38, giving us dry, dusty, skatie track, but Monkey even at halftrack didn’t disappoint.
The track talk buzz “what was the fastest time over the top half”, “Aim for 2 or under 2min”
Searching old results back to 2011 found Jack Moir 2012 did a 2:09:42. Interesting when our fastest times over a full track is 3.37 to 3.40

Congates Class winners
A grade - Joshua Clark 2:13.46 fastest of the day after two runs

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Club DH Round 2 Results 15.02.15

21 riders hit up the Monkey for today’s Round 2 Club DH
Conditions where dry, loose, hot and humid.
Flats tyres seem to be the a trend for the day.
We were able to get our 2 timed runs in before the storm and down pour.
No wonder there's on dirt left on the Monkey :0

Congrates fastest of the day
BRUCE MOIR A 3:48.20
PAT BUTLER A 3:59.75 (well done! Pat under the 4)

Thanks again for the help Guys and Gals could not do it without you.
Cheers Col

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WSMTB & MWMTB Club Series Round Two.

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well done to Supagav-Gavin B Grade and Carlgrover-John C Grade both 3rd in there respective grades well done guys. I broke my chain half way through the first lap damn it another DNF in a race.

Best Mountain Bike