HMBA G-Flow Enduro Series

The HMBA “G-FLOW ENDURO” SERIES is for all – Race or ride for fun throughout the HMBA trail network.

There are 2-4 point-to-point timed stages with non-timed rides while liaising on compulsory trails to the next stage starting point – for some stages we may even provide a shuttle to get you back to the top.

The mystery of the exact stages will be be made available closer to the date of the round! You have 1-2 shots on each stage, all times count.

How Does G-Flow Enduro Work?

G-Flow Enduro is a large adventure loop with timed descents – it is not all “down hill” or “flow”, there will be some pedaling and potentially some short uphill sections (it’s an introductory Gravity Enduro, just like a baby EWS).

After leaving in category order, riders will start each competition stage individually with minimum of 30 seconds between each competitor.

At the end of the day, the fastest combined time overall on the competition stages is the category winner.

What are the dates for 2023?

  • Round 1 – 18/19 February
  • Round 2 – 6/7 May
  • Round 3 – 22/23 July

Please download the following Rider’s Briefing document for further details – we will update this regularly with more event details as we get closer to the actual round date, including the Course Maps