Racing with HMBA

Are you new to the sport of mountain bike racing and interested to find out more about how it all works at HMBA? Please download one of our Beginners Guides below:

Cross Country (XC):

Downhill (DH):

Safety and Equipment

Safety is paramount for all HMBA riders at our events. Just as in any other sport or activity the right clothing and safety gear can make all the difference to your enjoyment. For participating at any AusCycling sanctioned activity you need:

• AusCycling membership or the purchase of an AusCycling day permit
• Australian certified bicycle helmet for any XC type activity. For DH you need a full-face helmet that is Australian certified helmet or one that has been certified by an International Standard organisation.
• Your feet need to be fully enclosed – ie no sandals or thongs. Proper bike racing shoes are best but any hard soled shoe will suffice. You may like to get clip-less pedals and shoes, but make sure that you are familiar with their use (getting your feet unclipped) well before your first race.
We recommend the following:
• Eye wear to prevent bugs and dust and leaves and such annoying your eyes. For DH most riders use race goggles.
• Cycling gloves – full or half finger ones for XC and full finger for DH
• Padded cycling shorts will aid your comfort and a cycling jersey has plenty of pockets to put your food and spares in. DH racers sometimes use BMX-style clothing.
• For DH we recommend body armor and additional protection for knees and elbows.

Before heading out on any of our tracks, HMBA recommend the following:
• Make sure your bike is in good working order
• Always wear an approved safety helmet
• Ride on designated OPEN trails ONLY
• Avoid riding in Wet or Muddy conditions
• Refrain from taking short cuts or making new trails
• Be courteous to all other users
• Report any noted acts of vandalism
• Take your rubbish with you
• Enjoy yourself & ride safely within your level of ability – if you would like to improve your skills please click here to be taken to our Coaching and Development page.

*All Riders Ride at your own risk*

There are often specific rules regarding the requirements for national and international level events – you should also refer to the technical regulations listed for that event.

Riding Locations

Not only does the club have access to the fantastic trails at Awaba Mountain Bike Park, but we also use some other great locations in the Hunter region.  Please click on the below links to find out more information about any of these areas:




HMBA and Adaptive MTB

HMBA encourage riders of all physical abilities to get involved in our fantastic sport.

Click here for more information about Adaptive Mountain Biking and the initiatives that HMBA have undertaken to support this growing facet of the sport.