HMBA and Adaptive MTB

In 2016 the club volunteers constructed a multi-purpose trail suitable for Adaptive MTB riding. The trail is approximately 1.6 kms through a beautiful bush and forest setting with some exhilarating down sections combined with some ‘ups’ and pinches. The trail is frequented by our native fauna including Wallabies and Goannas – there’s the odd bush turkey to shoo out of the way as well.

HMBA supports riders with a disability on both social and competitive rides. The Awaba MTB Park has accessible toilets and a wide open parking area.

The trail is free to all and always open if you want get out of the city and experience the serenity of the forest. Bring your off-road hand-cycle and support rider though – it’s not a wheelchair ride!!

For some background information on Adaptive MTB, check out the awesome Break the Boundary website on this link –

In mid 2018 HMBA became a Member Club of Break the Boundary – read more about this by clicking here.
Here’s a video of what is happening over in the west – HMBA hopes to be able to continue to emulate this at our park at Cooranbong:
Other resources:
Melrose wheelchairs – Adaptive Concepts Australia
Wheelchair Sports NSW:
HMBA’s contact for Adaptive MTB is Andrew Hardy – available on email or phone 0409 329 676.
The Lads at Armidale 2
The Lads at Armidale