Awaba Mountain Bike Park


As you drive along Freemans Drive make the turn into Mount Faulk Rd and continue for approximately 2km until you see the entrance to the Awaba Mountain Bike Park on your right (Jenkins Rd).  Drive in along the dirt road for several hundred metres and you will come to the main carpark and XC trail head area.

Cross Country (XC)

Click here to download a PDF version of the XC mapHMBA Awaba MTB Park XC Trail Map-2022

When work commenced at the Awaba Mountain Bike Park back in 2008 nobody realised how big the place would grow and how significant the popularity and diversity of mountain biking would become, and at that time a simple colour-based trail name system was adopted. 

In 2020 the Hunter Mountain Bike Association made the decision to adopt a more formalised trail rating system and by choosing to implement the widely accepted IMBA standards of “Green – Blue – Black” there was potential for some confusion. As an acknowledgement of the local area we are blessed to be able to ride in, and with a grateful ‘nod’ to our Landowners, HMBA renamed the three main cross-country loops as follows:

RED Loop (Trail 2) becomes the “Awaba Loop” – Approx 12km

BLUE Loop (Trail 3) becomes the “Watagans Loop” – Approx 8k

YELLOW Loop (Trail 4) becomes the “Olney Loop” – Approx 5km

Our updated maps reflect the Trail Rating and Numbering System that exists within the Park and highlight the most suitable areas for junior riders. Throughout the trails you will see small arrowed “CAR PARK” signs on some of the posts. Follow these for the most direct way back to the car park in case of breakdown or injury. Hopefully this helps everyone to plan an appropriate ride at the Park and ensure that no-one gets too lost whilst out on the trails.

Please note that we have included our Gravity Trails on this map – Faulk Line, Little Falcon and Wild Polly – all rated as Blue – Intermediate / More Difficult.

Downhill (DH)

The Trail Head for the Downhill trail “MONKEY” is located approx 3.2km up Mt Faulk Rd on your right, opposite The Monkey Face Lookout turnoff.

Click here to download a PDF version of the DH mapHMBA Awaba MTB Park DH Map-2020

*** Be aware that the HMBA Downhill trail is rated Double Black Diamond Difficulty & as such should be ridden only by experienced mountain bike riders, wearing full face helmets & appropriate protective gear. Most technical obstacles have an easier marked “B” Line, however caution should be taken while familiarising yourself with the trail & it’s features ***

Adaptive and Development Trail

As the club has also been actively engaged in developing the Adaptive and Development Trail offerings we have put together a reference map for these also:

HMBA Awaba MTB Park DEV Trail Map-2020

Click here to download a PDF version of the Adaptive / Development Trails mapHMBA Awaba MTB Park DEV Trail Map-2020