HMBA and AusCycling Memberships

Becoming a member of HMBA allows you to participate in all club events, both competitive and social, as well as allowing access to a range of benefits through our affiliation with AusCycling – see for more information about the types of membership available.

Membership also allows you to assist the club with building trails, racing, social rides, junior development, and trails advocacy in the Hunter region.

To join AusCycling and HMBA all you have to do is visit the on-line registration through the AusCycling website (link below) and selecting Hunter Mountain Bike Association as your club. This will ensure you get your membership card and information in as short a time frame as possible.

Dual Membership with MTB Clubs

AusCycling Members can become a member of more than one club. Currently the AusCycling Online Service System (membership registration system) doesn’t have the facility to select two clubs and membership cards will only display the first selected club.

To become a member of an additional club, you will need to contact the club directly and pay the club fee directly to them.  Once that is completed, please ask the club to contact AusCycling on your behalf to confirm that the ‘club fee’ payment has been made so AusCycling can make a note in your AusCycling account that you have dual membership.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the AusCyling Membership Team at the below link:

Joining HMBA but not auscycling

HMBA are aware that some people may like to be a member of the Club without having a licence or membership of AusCycling.  HMBA welcomes this and has developed the following process to follow:

  1. Transfer $35 annual membership fee to the following HMBA account:

Name – Hunter Mountain Bike Association
BSB – 032510
Account – 500132

  1. Send an email to the President (cc’d to the Treasurer) with your full name and email address – please indicate if you would like to receive email communication from the Club regarding upcoming events or other important matters (e.g. new merchandise) – attach a copy of your transfer receipt (if able) – and

Please note that membership will be for a 12-month period from the date of transfer. Please assist the club volunteers by noting down your joining date and re-joining next year by following the same process.

Using Active Kids Vouchers with HMBA

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Can’t make it to our Build Days but want to show your appreciation for the hard work put into the trails & contribute to further developments at Awaba?

Simply click on the below button and purchase as much Trail Karma as you would like! (we suggest >$5 as lesser amounts tend to get eaten up by PP fees)

Donate with PayPal

or to help us avoid the PP fees you can deposit directly into our account:

Name – Hunter Mountain Bike Association
BSB – 032510
Account – 500132