HMBA joins “Break the Boundary”

HMBA is now a Club Member of Break the Boundary Inc.
Break the Boundary Inc. (BTB) is an Australian charity and benevolent institution which helps people with a disability lead a healthy and happy life by breaking physical, mental and social boundaries. Adaptive Mountain Biking (aMTB) is used as a tool to access the outdoors and provide opportunities to engage with the greater community.

As the sport and recreation continues to expand, so too does the demand for ‘whole of community’ services. The BTB ethos “Tools – Terrain – Attitude” embodies the spirit of the Charity’s objectives and encourages us to find accessible, comfortable and safe environments to deliver outdoor services to the public.

Mountain biking encompasses a wide diversity of styles which also translate to aMTB. Adaptive MTB maintains a respect for the spaces in which non-disabled riders recreate. BTB and HMBA aim to instil the attitude of mutual respect while pursuing fully inclusive initiatives that integrate both people with and without disabilities.

Over the last 5 years, Break the Boundary has gone from strength to strength, delivering a range of community demo days, school clinics and the award-winning 3-day aMTB Adventure Camps. One of the recent accomplishments is the publication of the Australian Adaptive MTB Guidelines, supported by the Queensland government and delivered through Mountain Bike Australia. HMBA has adopted these guidelines and refers to them in the construction of new Cross Country and downhill adaptive trails.

The success of the Charity wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration with Australian mountain biking clubs, associations, collectives, local governments and state departments. HMBA are excited to be part of this growing community and look forward to the establishment and expansion of our local aMTB trails at Awaba MTB Park. The completion of additional trails will provide the first-ever, fully-accessible space in NSW for people with disabilities and their families to take part in a range of mountain biking social, sporting and community events.

We believe that opportunities like this truly enhance the quality of life for those disadvantaged and HMBA Club members are invited to join Break the Boundary to show support and to further investigate this awesome initiative. Please visit the Break the Boundary website and sign up.

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