Club Downhill Jan 2020 Results

Sunday Jan 19th not only saw the start to our club racing but the week leading in gave us some much needed rain – this did dot break our CLOSED MTB PARK status but it gave us the opportunity to gain permission from Forestry Corporation to run our club event for the day only.

Remember Awaba Mtb Trails Remain CLOSED to the Public.

Update 14 Jan 2020

It was so good to see the dirt with some sort of moisture, with the riders claiming Monkey was quite slippery in areas, Muddy…

Congrats to Josh Arcus who put down a 3:50.197 fastest for the day after two runs, Nice.

Regan Arthur  4:01.448 2nd fastest 11.251sec behind, not to shabby aboard his Enduro Steed & Charlie Tru 4:08.568 3rd 18.371sec

Thanks to all riders & Huge Thank you to the volunteers for coming out.

Awesome day,  fingers crossed we will get the green light soon & all NSW State forests will be open. Please Help us & stay out until we get the open green light.

January DH Results

January DH overall Results