Awaba Mountain Bike Park Build Day – Sunday 21 June 2020

Don’t forget to “Reserve your spot” on the Facebook Event Post for the Build Day this coming Sunday to help us with planning (if you can) – if you had already done it for last Sunday this has been cancelled and you will need to go on and do it again.

As the Covid-19 restrictions start to ease HMBA have decided that it is time to put some love back into the Park – after all, it has given so many of us a welcome break from the indoors over the past few months of isolation. So we are going to tackle a few things that need fixing and put in something that has been long desired by many riders and long planned out in the minds of our lead trail coordinators. You don’t even have to be a HMBA member to come along and help out.

The projects are dependent on the weather in the lead-up to the event, but we hope to achieve the following:
– put in a B-line for “The Chute”
– repair the decking on the “Ground Effects Bridge”
– repair the decking on the timber bridge in the lead up to the tunnel
– repair / reshape / rejig “Rocky Corner” and “Skids for Kids”
– finish off some safety work around the Tunnel.

To help us with group planning we are asking that all volunteers wishing to attend complete the ‘confirmation’ section and answer the questions – we may need to look at limiting numbers and it would be great to know how many we can expect on the day – whilst we do encourage children to participate in our build days, and understand that there are times when you have to bring them with you, we do need to watch our numbers this time around so we would prefer to allocate spaces to persons capable of trail building, including raking of ground, digging of dirt, carrying of rocks and bridge decking, etc;

When: Sunday 21 June 2020 – arrive from 7.00am, build day to commence at 7.30am, concluding at approx. 12.00pm

Where: Awaba Mountain Bike Park – following a brief health screening at the main Park entrance gate participants will be directed to one of the carpark areas within the park

Special Provisions: HMBA will be adhering to the NSW State Government Regulations / Rules in relation to the current Covid-19 pandemic. As at 18/06/20, this will include allowing a maximum group size of 20 people gathering in outdoor areas. Other considerations will include:
• Health screening by HMBA Committee Member at the park entrance – Volunteers will not be allowed to participate if they report any signs or symptoms of flu or fever, or have been exposed to a know Covid-19 patient (please don’t turn up if this describes you).
• Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser – Project Leaders will be supplied with hand sanitiser to distribute if required
• Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own tools, including metal rakes, McCleods, chippers, etc. The Club has only a limited supply of tools.
• There will be no sharing of tools or equipment between volunteers (unless they are from the same household).
• Social distancing will be practiced when traveling to the project location or during completion of project tasks. Volunteers will be responsible for ensuring that they adhere to the relevant guidelines.
• Specific sections of the Trail Network may need to be closed to members of the general public for social mountain bike riding during the trail building event. This temporary track closures will be communicated via signage at the Park, Facebook, Email and Website in the fortnight leading up to the event.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, friends and family equipped with the following-
HMBA Trail Crew Shirt (if you have one)
Sturdy footwear and suitable clothing and gloves.
Water to drink.
Hat and Sun Screen



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