Next Trail Build Day – Sunday 30th August 2020 from 7.30am

Next Trail Build Day – Sunday 30th August 2020 from 7.30am – The new adventure flow trail continued!

This is not an understatement – this trail is going to blow your mind – we are so close to finishing we can smell it – the fresh mountain air, that is!

Last Sunday your faithful committee (minus and plus a few) ventured into the hills sitting high above the existing trails to finish cutting back the final undergrowth corridor in preparation for our next build day – now all we need is a great big handful of our fellow mountain biking devotees to step up and put a bit of their own non-riding sweat into hand-cutting and shaping the trail surface.

With a big enough crew turning up on the day we are confident that we can finish the actual trail component of this new big riding experience – all that will be left is the completion of a couple of “small” bridges (just like the work on Faulk Line, these will be a trail highlight on their own) plus another “safety initiative” – guaranteed this trail will be open before we have a Covid vaccine 😉😂😂

Soon we will put up a specific Event Post – please register your intention to attend – the HMBA Committee needs to work around the current Covid rules and regulations to ensure that we run this day appropriately so having a good idea of the number of people (AKA – Riders who benefit from the free trails offered in the park 😉) that will be attending would be ideal 👍

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