Official Statement – Awaba Mountain Bike Park and Hunting Forest situation – 15/01/21

HMBA have recently been made aware of a mapping situation that results in some of our trail network operating through a section of Olney State Forest that is designated as “Hunting Forest”.

Whilst it is not prohibited or unusual for roads or trails in “Hunting Forest” areas to be accessed by a variety of other park users, including 4WD’ers, Motorcyclists, Cyclists, Hikers, etc, HMBA acknowledge the combination of heavy mountain bike usage and hunting is not ideal and are currently seeking to have the issue addressed through our strong connection with the landowner, Forestry Corporation of NSW, as well as the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

In the interim period please be aware that HMBA recommend that riders choosing to access any forest areas to the eastern side of Jenkins Rd (our main Park entrance road), including the Development Trails and lower carpark area, do so at their own risk, and in doing so acknowledge that they are accessing an area of the Olney State Forest in which hunting activities are authorised to occur.

For any further queries please contact