HMBA DH Results – Club Round 1 – 20/08/2023

So we are back!

Timed Downhill Runs & what a perfect day for it.

Track: Full Track…. Yes Full! You heard right, Full Monkey DH.

Great to see some DH rigs, cobwebs dusted off brought out for a roll. Not all our competitors opted for a timed run, just shuttle runs & banter, catch up with mates was enough on the day. As always Monkey puts up the challenge but

Under 15’s Ilo Black was the fastest on the day with a 4:01.716

Followed by Jacob Mossner’s 4:06.364 then

Louis Oliver’s 4:14.961.

Congrates Ilo 👊👏

Thank you to all our volunteers, timing, bus drivers, track marshals/photographers, we can’t run these events without you & of course the competitors.

Karl snapped a few pics of the riders boosting the finish line step up.