HMBA DH Club Round 3 Results 28/04/19

After a late start due to our Yearly AGM & Club 2018 series winners presentation.

Round 3 DH Shuttles was underway, perfect weather & dry conditions made Monkey a tad skatey under rubber, No remnants  of the moisture that washed us out last month.

Riders had the option of 2 runs with the fastest run adding to their result.

Colleen, Tony, Michael, Rick Thank you for your help, days would not run without people like yourselves,  Thank you very much appreciated 🙂

Congrats our 3 fastest for today, close racing

1  Josh Arcus A HMBA 4:01.004
2  Pat Butler A HMBA 4:01.814
3  Regan Arthur A HMBA 4:05.417

Full Results 🙂 HMBA club members results go towards club 2019 series points

April 2019 Club DH Overall Results April 2019 Club DH Catgeory Results




HMBA Club Downhill Round 1 results

Today kick off our 2019 club series. Great to see new & returned faces.

Riders took on the Monkey’s dry, dusty conditions

With Regan Arthur putting in the fastest time of day with a sub 4″

Regan Arthur  3:56.494, putting his new Enduro steed to the test & a return after a too long 18 month break… Still got it 🙂
Pat Butler with a 3:57.557 &
Jacob Mossner  followed with a 4:13.079

We can’t thank the guys & gals, Mum’s & Dad’s that put their day or ride aside to help run today enough. Thank you 🙂

Next Round 17th March

Todays Results

Feb 2019 Club DH Overall Results

Points after round 1

HMBA CLUB 2019 DH Point Score.xls