Downhill Club 2019 series results

Yesterday kicked off 2020 Club racing & a new Club point score series.

In 2019 we had 6 possible rounds to gain series points with one round opted to be a social ride where all participants gained 100 points.

All series winners need to be a HMBA club member to receive series points for a club round & to have competed in at least 3 club rounds, including the club Rocky trail bonus points round.

The double points round June is class a single round.

HMBA CLUB 2019 DH Point Score.xls

HMBA DH with Rockytrail NSW DH state points – 21/07/19

Round 5 of HMBA club Downhill, came with the extra bonus of the last chance to grab points towards the Rockytrail NSW Downhill State Series, being the third & final round, Rockytrail’s Martin & Juliana where there to award the series winners at the end of the event.

The weekend blessed us with beautiful weather, cool, crisp & dry

Saturday was kick off with our social shuttle day, with over 60 riders taking the advantage to have a roll to see what “The Monkey” hype was all about or suss your lines practice, ready for Sunday’s race day.

Sunday…. Wow! The Awaba Mountain Bike Park was a buzz, not only did we have our normal club XC & DH racing but the park was graced with official dignitaries for the grand opening of part 1, of the development of Awaba Mt Bike park. Car Park & “The Development Trail” a purpose built trail for Adaptive cyclists, juniors & beginners alike

but while this was all going on our gravity fed junkie’s where getting in their last practice before 12 noon, High noon, Race runs.

Race runs, the best of two, seen just short of 100 rides make their way to the top.

Home from the World Cup DH scene, local lad Jack Moir & Engadine’s U19 women Cassie Voysey, the whispers… bets… how fast…. can anyone get close! Would Jack break the 3min.30???? ( Good Luck in the up & coming World Cup Rounds)

Well he went extremely Close, putting down a 3:35.583 on his 1st run & then bettering with a 3:34.511 on his 2nd

Fellow Locals Joel Willis back from injury came in 2nd with a not to shabby 3:47.716 & 3:50.498 & Joshua Arcus  1st Under 19, 3rd fastest for the day 3:50.274

ACT rider Timothy Eaton 4th fastest & took out 3rd in Elite 3:56.087  & 3:53.158 behind Jack & Joel

Women’s U19’s Cassie took the honors & fastest of the day with a 4:48.450  & 4:45.473 followed by Kellie Weinert Elite Women 5:03.471 & 5:13.759 , Tahlia Richens U15 Women 6:00.301

Well Done to all the riders, the winners on the day & NSW DH Series Winners, Thank You for making the trip to Awaba & being part of an Awesome event.

The Volunteers… What An amazing group of peeps. Timing, Sign On, Shuttles drivers, shuttle marshal, on track marshals, 1st aid, the photographers you all helped make this event the success it was, THANK YOU <3 Col xx

below find links to FB pages with race & podium photos & NSW DH Series results


HMBA Club DH With Rockytrail NSW State DH Points Overall Event Ranking 

HMBA Club DH With Rockytrail NSW State DH Points Event Ranking

Will Have Club grade results & progress point score up soon when I get the data sorted

Cheers Col

Some of the Photos Used by “The voice photography” & “Jake Voysey photography” Thank you 🙂

HMBA DH round 4 Double Header Results – 16/06/19

Cool!…… Crisp!…… Dry!……. Dusty!…… Loose!……Wildly Awesome!…..What more can you ask for!

Shuttles & Runs of Monkey of cause! Oh & double club series points if your keen!

Shuttles rolled out 9.00am taking riders up Mt Faulk Rd to the start of “The Monkey” – Awaba’s 2km Downhill Trail.

🙂 “Soooo good to ride A Real Downhill track” the call of the day..

Riders punch out practice until 12, timed Race runs 12.30. Today being a catch up round, 2 race runs, both with points for club members towards the 2019 club DH series.

So good to see familiar & new faces & those making the trip up the coast.

The Question was who was going to go under 4 minutes??? & by how far??? Any Guesses???

Well the honour went to Jack Moir with a not too shabby Run 1 of 3:35.339 & Run 2 – 3:36.656 …..Scorching! ☄️☄️☄️

Run 1 – saw Josh Arcus 2nd – 3:53.684 & then Pat Butler 3rd – 3:59.139 both breaking the beam under 4min’s, Nice!

Run 2 – had Pat Butler 2nd – 4:00.268, Tyson Richens 3rd – 4:04.847 bettering his Run 1 time of – 4:06.215 & Rick Boyer 4th – 4:09.588 also faster then his Run 1 – 4:11.906

Women – Asheigh Weinet – 5:24.842 & 5:18.854, Tahlia Richens – 5:50.935 & 5:49.613 Awesome! nice work!

As always A huge Thank you to the guys & gals that help run today. 🙂

Sweet day again well done everyone!

Note: Next Club Race July 21st This will be our Club DH that has the results apart of the Rockytrail Downhill series…..Details will be up soon, for both Saturday 20th Shuttles & Sunday 21st Racing.

Keep an eye on club calendar & FB for updates, but as a guide, from as far back as the Killies days, pencil in the 3rd Sunday of the month XC & DH club racing

All Todays results below:

Run 1 Category RankingRun 1 Ranking OverallRun 2 Category RankingRun 2 Ranking Overall

HMBA DH Club Round 3 Results 28/04/19

After a late start due to our Yearly AGM & Club 2018 series winners presentation.

Round 3 DH Shuttles was underway, perfect weather & dry conditions made Monkey a tad skatey under rubber, No remnants  of the moisture that washed us out last month.

Riders had the option of 2 runs with the fastest run adding to their result.

Colleen, Tony, Michael, Rick Thank you for your help, days would not run without people like yourselves,  Thank you very much appreciated 🙂

Congrats our 3 fastest for today, close racing

1  Josh Arcus A HMBA 4:01.004
2  Pat Butler A HMBA 4:01.814
3  Regan Arthur A HMBA 4:05.417

Full Results 🙂 HMBA club members results go towards club 2019 series points

April 2019 Club DH Overall Results April 2019 Club DH Catgeory Results




HMBA Club Downhill Round 1 results

Today kick off our 2019 club series. Great to see new & returned faces.

Riders took on the Monkey’s dry, dusty conditions

With Regan Arthur putting in the fastest time of day with a sub 4″

Regan Arthur  3:56.494, putting his new Enduro steed to the test & a return after a too long 18 month break… Still got it 🙂
Pat Butler with a 3:57.557 &
Jacob Mossner  followed with a 4:13.079

We can’t thank the guys & gals, Mum’s & Dad’s that put their day or ride aside to help run today enough. Thank you 🙂

Next Round 17th March

Todays Results

Feb 2019 Club DH Overall Results

Points after round 1

HMBA CLUB 2019 DH Point Score.xls