HMBA 2018 XC Pointscore

With a change of timing systems throughout the year the collation of the pointscore for the 2018 XC season has been even more complicated than in previous years – a big thanks to Steve and Clint for getting this together.

2018 HMBA Cross Country Pointscore Winners

The winners of the pointscore is open to full club members only.

The pointscore is based on the 9 races that took place throughout 2018, including the “normal” Sunday races and the 3 hour “endurance” events.

Where a rider has changed grades throughout the year, for the purpose of the pointscore, they have been placed in the grade in which they completed the most races. They have received points for each race completed the old grade equal to the average points achieved in the new grade.

Riders must have competed in at least 4 races to be eligible.

Click here for the full Pointscore Results: HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – 2018 Pointscore

The 2018 Winners, who will receive formal recognition at a future meeting are:








Under 15 1st: Harry Monk

2nd: Alex Johnson

3rd: Joshua Noy

A Grade 1st: Mitch Lozinski

2nd: Neil Upton

3rd: Nicholas Woods

B Grade 1st : Emily Dreaper

2nd: Georgia Marjoribanks

1st: Rodney Rae

2nd: Sam Mackenzie

3rd: Daniel McIlwain

C Grade 1st: Alicia Reed


1st: Richard Woods

2nd: Owen Tooley

3rd: John Henry

D Grade 1st: Paula Gresham


1st: Dominic Hill

2nd: Darcy Peel

3rd: Bailey Nichols