2018 HMBA Presentation Day – 28/04/19

On Sunday 28/04/19 HMBA were finally able to host their 2018 Presentation Day to recognise the efforts of Club Members throughout the previous competition year.

Our Club President, Clint Musgrove, gave a rousing recollection of the significant events that occurred during 2018 and acknowledged the major contributions that some of our seasoned Committee Members have made – if you missed out on hearing this speech or would like to relive the experience please click on the Youtube link below:

Awards were given to the top place getters for each category as follows:

Cross Country

A Grade

Mens – 1st Mitch Lozinski – 2nd Neil Upton – 3rd Nicholas Woods

B Grade

Mens – 1st Rodney Rae – 2nd Sam Mackenzie – 3rd Daniel McIlwain

Womens – 1st Emily Dreaper – 2nd Georgia Marjoribanks

C Grade

Mens – 1st Richard Woods – 2nd Owen Tooley – 3rd John Henry

Womens – 1st Alicia Reed

D Grade

Mens – 1st Dominic Hill – 2nd Darcy Peel – 3rd Bailey Nichols

Womens – 1st Paula Gresham

Under 15s

1st Harry Monk – 2nd Alex Johnson – 3rd Joshua Noy


A Grade

1st Charlie Tru – 2nd Rick Kehoe – 3rd Scott McMillan

B Grade

1st Riley Chandler – 2nd Michael Clarke

Under 15s

1st Koby Porteous – 2nd William Ireland


1st Mark Collins

Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners!

HMBA 2018 XC Pointscore

With a change of timing systems throughout the year the collation of the pointscore for the 2018 XC season has been even more complicated than in previous years – a big thanks to Steve and Clint for getting this together.

2018 HMBA Cross Country Pointscore Winners

The winners of the pointscore is open to full club members only.

The pointscore is based on the 9 races that took place throughout 2018, including the “normal” Sunday races and the 3 hour “endurance” events.

Where a rider has changed grades throughout the year, for the purpose of the pointscore, they have been placed in the grade in which they completed the most races. They have received points for each race completed the old grade equal to the average points achieved in the new grade.

Riders must have competed in at least 4 races to be eligible.

Click here for the full Pointscore Results: HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – 2018 Pointscore

The 2018 Winners, who will receive formal recognition at a future meeting are:








Under 15 1st: Harry Monk

2nd: Alex Johnson

3rd: Joshua Noy

A Grade 1st: Mitch Lozinski

2nd: Neil Upton

3rd: Nicholas Woods

B Grade 1st : Emily Dreaper

2nd: Georgia Marjoribanks

1st: Rodney Rae

2nd: Sam Mackenzie

3rd: Daniel McIlwain

C Grade 1st: Alicia Reed


1st: Richard Woods

2nd: Owen Tooley

3rd: John Henry

D Grade 1st: Paula Gresham


1st: Dominic Hill

2nd: Darcy Peel

3rd: Bailey Nichols


HMBA XC Race Results – Awaba 16/12/18

Saturday night was full of mental anguish for a few of the HMBA committee members – should we cancel the Sunday morning Race based on the rain we had already received – or do we hold out and hope that the forecast remained clear – besides, none of us wanted to be the ones cancelling the race and forcing President Clint to adopt a “sausage sandwich” diet for the next week or so!

So with collective optimism we decided to remain committed to the event and review this decision in the morning – and we were sure glad we did as conditions that greeted the 57 Riders turned out to be prime – in fact the wettest things out there this morning were not the trails but the Riders dripping with sweat – boy was it humid!

A giant effort by all that turned up for our final race of 2018 – the course was well received as it offered the best of the twisty trails that Awaba has to offer and went easy on the hills – a surefire recipe for plenty of smiles from the mix of young and old riders alike.

A free sausage sanga and icy cold can of drink was a great way to finish off the year for the XC crew – Merry Christmas to all and see you on the start line in 2019 (calendar will be up ASAP).

Full race results can be found here (any queries – email presidenthmba@gmail.com):

HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – Round 10 – 161218



HMBA XC Race Results – Awaba 18/11/18

Unlike previous races, it wasn’t glorious weather that greeted riders for XC Round 9 at Awaba – instead a heavy shower just before the main race meant that damp and muddy conditions greeted riders for their first lap of a challenging track set by our XC Coordinator, Dean K.

Luckily things got progressively drier throughout the race for the 55 riders that showed up (and hung around after the rain!), with reports that by the end of the race the amount of grip through the corners was off the chart.  Well done to our winners, and everyone that braved the conditions – see you in December for our final race of the year.

Of note, we almost “lost” a Rider during the pre-race briefing when a large dead branch fell from a tree in the main carpark area – a good reminder to all to be careful out in the bush following the recent weather – if you find any issues out on the trail please let us know via Facebook or send an email to the President at the below email address.

Full race results can be found here (any queries – email presidenthmba@gmail.com):

HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – Round 9 – 181118




HMBA XC Race Results – Singleton – 21/10/18

An early call was made on Thursday afternoon this week to move the XC race to Singleton. Awaba was quite wet in parts and the expected rain for the weekend helped make the decision. After the sunshine and heat of Friday and Saturday we were beginning to wonder if this was the right call – that was until the Saturday night storm and we felt vindicated.

51 riders made the trek to Singleton for the HMBA XC Race today. Saturday night’s storm didn’t cause any issues with the course, but rather left it tacky and perfect – no dust, no mud and plenty of grip. We had a big turnout of young riders filling up the field and they all enjoyed being out on the big track! It was also nice to welcome some new members to the club, and we hope you enjoyed your race and will keep coming back.

A Grade Mitch showed the audience at the jump how to dismount his bike over the handlebars but jumped back up to still win A grade. Also in A grade, Lawrence had a mechanical that saw him put his bike away and take out his spare bike and complete his 5 laps – unfortunately he didn’t take his number plate with him and therefore we don’t have any results for him.

It was good to see our XC Coordinator Dean out racing for a change. And he didn’t do too bad for an old bloke with a top five finish. Speaking of old…our oldest member was out there today and apparently discovered the gap jump on the A line unexpectedly. Good to see the years of experience carried him over without incident – well done Kevin! I must also mention that Kevin was racing with his son Rod and granddaughter Lilli in the same race – not many people can say that.

Thanks to Clint for organising the new number plates today. The new plates are generally colour matched to grades and having the same number on the front as the timing chip on the back will make it easier for registration in the future. Don’t forget to bring your plate to each race!


HMBA XC Race Results – Dungog 3hr 23/09/18

Glorious weather and a ripper of a track were on offer today for all 51 riders that made the trip to Dungog for our rescheduled 3 hour race.

The climbs were steady but not steep – the rocks were plentiful and yellow – the riders were tired but happy – a massive thanks must go out to Allen Shrimpton and his Crew from MTB Dungog for maintaining this excellent facility and putting their local knowledge to use to design a race course that was genuinely fun.

And as always, thanks to Dean for track set-up (ably assisted by Tony Jumps Edwards?) and Preso Clint for timing, and Bronwyn (and her driver) for responding to the injured rider (a heavy fall on the shoulder down “The Snake” but most likely no fracture – except to the carbon handlebars – that will “bite” the wallet!).

We have attached a selection of images from today that show some riders getting into the spirit of the track – a full gallery will be put up in another post.

Full race results here (any queries – email presidenthmba@gmail.com):