HMBA XC Race Results – Welcome Back Round C19 (3) – 19/07/20

First post-COVID race (first HMBA Race in 5 months to be precise) and what a perfect day.

A staggering 91 riders registered on-line for today’s race – thankfully that made life a bit easier for Captain Clint. (Despite some issues getting all that information from the MTBA system into the race timing system!!)

Thanks to Josh for giving up his race to keep everyone COVIDSafe and enforce the COVID plan developed by Clint and Melissa.

It was great to see the usual suspects back out at the track and plenty of new people. Obviously the lockdown has had a big influence on the riding population and every one was keen to get back out. It’s obvious some of us had used the time off better than others, but there were plenty of happy people after the race (were they happy to have ridden or happy to have survived??).

If I just speak about my race, C grade:

  • Lap number 1 as always is the regret of going out too hard and inevitably the thought of why is this so hard – is this really fun??
  • Lap number 2, this isn’t so bad, I can breathe again, I must be going slow, thank goodness everyone else is too – except this guy going past, oh well.
  • Lap number 3 – last lap, hey I can catch that guy in front, damn, a young kid just caught up and passed (how did he get so far ahead so quickly), oh no – he’s had a mechanical (he’ll learn from that and I’m sure he can walk) – what happened to that guy that I was catching?
  • One hill to go, look out Mick’s coming, go harder, but we might catch Dean on that flaming orange superbike!
  • Finished! That was hard! But if only it was 1/2 a km longer, I would have caught Dean….if only…… time for sure!

Steve P

Final results from today can be access at this link:

If you can’t see your name but your Race Plate Number is listed please email Clint and he will sort out the results (he will need Plate Number, Name and Grade raced) – any other questions with the results please email

Reminder: BRING YOUR RACE PLATES to the next race -thanks.

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