Rider Briefing – HMBA Event 19/07/20

Hi Everyone and welcome to HMBA’s first race back under covid restrictions.

Below is both our Covid safe plan controls and the rider briefing info for Sunday the 19th 

As you may or may not be aware, to allow this event to go ahead the club has had to create and implement a Covid safe plan. I would like to say a huge thank you to Melissa Musicka who has spent many nights putting the plan together for us, without her expertise and assistance this event would not have been possible. 

As I have said we will be operating this event under a Covid Safe plan as required by the NSW Government and as such we will have 2 covid safe officers (One at the XC and One at the DH) walking around throughout the day ensuring that we are adhering to all the controls in place within the plan. 

If you are given a direction by one of the covid officers please have the character to follow the direction as requested and without complaint, we are all volunteers and just want to hold events for all to enjoy and this may require you to move or increase social distancing. 

If you are showing any symptoms of Covid -19 ( see guide on NSW Health website) please do not attend this event, If you show signs of Covid 19 while at the event you will be asked to leave the event. 

Other rules that will be enforced at the event as per our Covid safe plan –

  • Social distancing – All persons are to remain a minimum of 1.5m apart at all times, unless they are from the same household.  The only time the 1.5m rule will not be enforced is:
    • when being treated by first aid 
    • Or during the race
  • Hygiene – The club will be providing hand sanitizer for use by all and signage will be placed around the toilets and car park area advising of the correct way to wash hands and sanitize.
  • Registration will be online only – No moneys will be taken on the day and for any one requiring a race plate, they will be on the table at the usual sign on points with your name on them, if collecting a plate please do so and then leave the table, do not mingle in the area.
  • No sharing of equipment – Please do not share clothes, towels, drinks or food with other persons, unless from the same household.  This also includes but is not limited to gazebos, chairs and tables.
  • Hygiene on course –  Riders are asked to refrain from spitting and launching snot rockets (Clearing your nostrils) while near other riders or persons. 
  • Covid safe app and sign on sheet – If not already done, the club recommends downloading the covid safe app. This is a recommendation as per NSW health and can in no way be enforced by the club or any other agency.  The club will have sign on sheets at both the DH and XC race controls, we require that ALL persons in attendance list their name and phone number so they are contactable if an outbreak should occur. 
  • Shuttle bus – All persons on the bus are to maintain a 1.5m distance, this includes the driver. Seats will be marked accordingly to limit passengers and windows are to be open where possible to give additional air flow. 
    • Riders are to load and restrain their bikes prior to boarding the bus
    • All seats and handles are to be wiped down after each trip

Rider briefing

As we are unable to gather in crowds the rider briefing will be contained in this email 

  • XC will be starting at 9am for A grade riders, From 9am there will be a 2 minute gap between each other grade starting time.
  • Please allow enough time when arriving to fill out our register of name and phone number and prepare for your race, without arriving excessively early.  
  • XC grades will have a staggered start, you will be called to the line when it is your grades starting time, please maintain social distancing when lining up. If you start an extra 1.5m behind someone do not worry, you will have a minimum 5km to catch and pass them. 
  • Once finished racing please do not mill around race control, if not waiting for other family members to finish please pack up and leave.
  • Please maintain a minimum 1.5m distancing between other vehicles, this may require people to park in the lower overflow car park.
  • Please do not park in the shuttle bus turn around area ( the large rock garden directly across from the main carpark) 
  • If this is your first race just follow the person in front of you, the track will be well marked with easy to follow bunting at all intersections.
  • If a faster rider comes up behind you they will be courteous and ask to pass, move over when possible, do not think that you have to move off the track as soon as they ask to pass.
  • Please show courtesy to all other riders, advise of your wish to pass and do so when safe. 
  • If you are picking up a race plate on the day, they will be at race control with your name on it and a couple of zip ties sitting on it.
  • Race plate zip ties – where possible please bring your own method of fitting numbers plates. If desperate the club has zip ties but we are trying to limit the amount of people handling the bag of ties.
  • For all DH shuttle riders please arrive at or after 9am and park in the DH car parking area. 
  • As outlined above we have had to limit passengers on the shuttle bus, please be patient with getting your next shuttle to the top, Rick will get cranky if you start to fight over seats 
  • DH shuttles will run from 9am till 2.30pm
  • First aid will be on site all day, if you require assistance or see another rider that requires assistance, please advise race control at either DH or XC, if the rider on track is badly injured stay with them and ask the next rider to allert race control of the injury and location. 
  • Kids race – If we have sufficient riders for a kids race, it will be held at the bottom of the large overflow carpark starting at 9.30am. This is to allow all other riders to get out on course and give us more social distancing. there will be no charge or race plates given out for this race. 

I am sorry that this was such a big read, but I had a lot to go through to ensure everyone knows the rules and has an enjoyable safe day. Please click the below link for the full Covid-19 Safety Plan:

Please bear with up as we learn to operate in this covid environment and if you have any feedback please forward to the club via presidenthmba@gmail.com

We hope to see everyone out at Awaba for a return to racing !!!