HMBA XC Race Report – Round 4 – 18/10/20

Hi Everyone, thank you for braving the weather and coming out to Awaba for the race on Sunday. In the end it was perfect conditions and those that didn’t show up certainly missed out – Wayne’s World backwards is a real treat and one that you can only experience on our race day when the track is closed to the general public.

We have tried to sort out the results and put the link up as we usually do, but it seems that the guy (aka Mr Amateur) doing our timing has stuffed it up right royally! It looks as though there was a combination of operator error (99%) and software issues (1%) and as such we have no timing data at all. (Update – now it looks like it was more of a software error – a system update in the timing box did not work with the current software version on the laptop – apparently it has caught out other clubs – should be easily sorted for next round)

The only thing that we can tell you is that in our A-Grade Race Chris Aitken took out the win, 40 seconds ahead of Bryan Dunkin, with Caleb Agostino-Morrow some 68 seconds further back in third.  Peter Butler and Russ Jones rounded out the top 5.  We think the first Female across the line was Simone Steele but at that time we weren’t aware that the timing wasn’t working.

All we can do is apologise for the stuff up, and we hope that no one had any money riding on their finish position. As a show of good faith we will be crediting all Riders that entered today (as well as those that could not make it from the previously rain-cancelled round) with a free entry in our next race on 15/11/20.  If you registered for either of these races then your entry will be automatically transferred over and you don’t need to register again (note though that your entry credit will expire on 15/11/20).  New competitors for next round will be required to Register and pay to enter.

Before our next race we will reassess who we let do the timing on our events and demote the guy that was doing it last weekend – he was a real clown!

Any other questions please email

Reminder: BRING YOUR RACE PLATES to the next race – thanks.

Images: Thanks to Cassie Thompson