HMBA Downhill Half Track/Faulk Line Club Social

Perfect weather welcome us yesterday, finally, which made for a perfect day of riding.

With our Full Downhill track out of action, Closed and the previous weather events holding up the completion of our new fly over we opted for something different,

Half Track Shuttles & Timing.

Morning session Downhill Bottom half starting at Halfways Down,

Afternoon session we move the start gate to Faulk Line.

All riders had the option of doing timed runs or just cutting some laps and honing in their lines.

for those that put a time run down, results below,

The peeps that hit Faulk Line up on the big rigs sorry for the push to the XC container finisher of a time, Killer 🙂

As always we can not thank the volunteers that come out set up timing, run the buses & make the event run as smoothly as possible, it is a select few & we THANK YOU!

Thanks everyone I think it was a fun concept, the banter on the shuttle ride back up the Mt is always a awesome indication 🙂


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