HMBA XC Race Report – Round 3 – 16/05/21

The first Winter Round of racing saw a brisk start for riders, as the temps stayed under 10 degrees for the start of the race.

The bacon was sizzling on the BBQ and the coffee was brewing at the Van.

The Kids XC Race was first off at 8:30 on the development track, with great participation and lots of eager riders. Well done to these kids (tomorrow’s champions) and their parents for competing in the race.

Rider briefing saw the crowd gather anxiously around the container to hear the plan for the race, lots of sighs of relief to hear that Dean had excluded Camelback from the loop, and the first Night Race course was to be used.  I took this chance to say hello to some fellow women riders and try and calm their nerves whilst trying to suppress my own.

We headed down to the start area and waves were sent off, our usual conga line began through the single track. The course set was great fun, the new Rocky Corner was testing and rewarded with the recently groomed Skids for Kids descent being super fast to ride. My race was spent with Emily Dreaper hot on my heels and some new Heart Rate PB’s set, thanks Em! The new B-Line for the Chute (“Chicken Run”) was included again and is a great addition to the track with sharp corners, forest scenery and fun rollers.

A few collective comments I gathered from the riders after the event included:

-Fast course and happy camelback wasn’t included

-Better than the week before at the Rocky Trail Race

-Not many overtaking places but the course allowed for some rest in the legs

-Sad that there was No Wild Polly ☹

-Track conditions were awesome!!

-1 vote for bring back the Chute

-Big kudos for the kids racing in the E Grade, all excellent when overtaking or being overtaken


Race Numbers were fantastic with 10 A Graders, 25 B Graders, 32 C Graders, 13 D Graders, 17 E Graders and 3 E-Bikers!

A Grade was taken out by the consistent Chris Aitken, Women’s Laura Renshaw.

B Grade saw former pro-Downhiller Adam Smithson win with a mighty return to XC Racing, Women’s win taken by Rebecca Ryan in great form with lots of recent racing.

C Grade won by Jay Gibson, minutes ahead of his rivals. Women’s winner Clare Desmet with a very convincing win also.

D Grade was won by Archie Gibson and the Women’s winner was a fast Natalie Fackler.

E Grade was taken out by accomplished Gravity Enduro Rider Harper Nelmes and Women’s by Ella Fairhall, Excellent rides by both!

The E-bike category was taken out overall by Rachael Summergreene, who wins most enthusiastic and friendly rider of the day.

NOTE: – Results are at this link – if you need anything addressed please email

Well done to any new racers today, and it was great to see 16 Women racing!! A number we can strive to improve.

After hearing of a “messy” faster rider overtaking manoeuvre during the race, a small reminder to be polite when overtaking, ask nicely and pass when safe, we’re all here for fun and it’s a great social day out to race our bikes in a friendly matter (Pres – we forgot to remind people of Trail Etiquette during the briefing – my bad – we will try to include this always in the future – remember that we do have “first time” racers join our club events and they may not always be familiar with ‘protocol’ or as confident as you on their bikes :)).

Next club XC Round will be Sunday 20th June at Singleton, location to be confirmed.

Big thanks to everyone involved in running the races and the club – the riders are very grateful for your time!!

Laura R

Reminder: BRING YOUR RACE PLATES to the next race – thanks.

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