HMBA XC Race Report – Awaba – Round 5 – 18/07/21

This months round found us affected by covid restrictions once again, so our numbers were down on previous rounds. (Thanks to all those who stayed away because of restriction rules)

The sun was shining on a perfect winters day. The trails were riding as good as they ever have. 

Our course had us heading straight from the car park up the hill towards the tunnel of love, then we were onto Wayne’s World backwards, conrod  straight  backwards,  auto alley backwards, (Dean, self confessed he got lost setting this track today) we then would go down murder horn and onto salad bowl backwards.  We then would do switch backs on camel back, across the top to wild polly, onto to fire road and back to the start. 

As we assembled in the bottom car park for the start, it was apparent that I was the only A grade male, so I was to start with B grade. This was going to make for a tough race,  I just had a great big target pinned to my back. As expected I had about 6 riders hot on my heals, until I stumbled on the tree rooted pinch before salad bowl. As we climbed camel back the group started to split, all but Kristof Van Hemeldonck and Geoff Dunkin. Kristof held on for about 3 and a half laps and Geoff pushed me right to the finish  of the B grade race. Well done to the pair of them. Great race. 

Congratulations to all grade winners. 

1st Male across the line was Rodney Rae

1st female was Emily Dreaper

Big thanks to Dean for a great course that included Wild Polly. Lots of big smiles and happy racers for doing that. (Definitely want to see Wild Polly in more XC races)

Thanks to all those who attended for following Covid protocols. 

NOTE: – Results are at this link – if your name is not already on the list (i.e. due to the plate chip issue) please email us on where you believe you were placed (i.e. Riders you finished before or after) and we will make a manual entry –

The next club XC Round will be Sunday 15 August at Awaba MTB Park.

Reminder: BRING YOUR RACE PLATES to the next race – thanks.