HMBA DH Social RIDE report – 16/01/22

In prime, hero dirt conditions we had a full trailer of eager descendants at our monthly HMBA social DH day! With a flurry of late entries forcing the list to closed off at 24 (due to only one bus booked – get those entries in earlier and we’ll crack out a 2nd trailer!)

Our social DH days offer riders the choice of not only conquering the Monkey DH track but drop off options to Biraban, Faulk Line or even sneak in at Half Way Downs (DH track). This variety is great for those wanting the option to get free guidance in the morning on the Monkey, with less brutal options as the body tires during the day!

Sunday’s crew was a great mix of riders from the past back to dust off their rigs to XC riders wanting to fuel their gravity dreams to first time explorer’s across the parks various trails. The bus keeps rolling, once it’s filled and a driver is on hand to go – thanks to all the volunteers who helped with driving, setting up or minding gear (With a beer to finish off the day!).

Remember if you book early, we’ll be able to prepare for a 2nd bus if required. If something happens and you can’t make it, let the club know asap so your booking can be transferred (case by case basis).

Who’s keen for more social days, or do you want to get your race face on? Let’s us know in the comments…

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