Sunday the 16th of January dawned overcast, muggy, but fine. The Awaba trails were washed clean after a short storm on Saturday evening, but were mostly dry and grippy. A 5.5 km “Welcome back after too much Christmas Pudding” course was laid out with the intent of making it as flat can be managed in the Awaba park. Ninety Four riders started with everyone keen to keep moving lest the leaches and mosquitos, also enjoying the post storm damp, should hunt down anybody who stopped for too long.

The track looped out around Siberia and out to Rocky Corner before dropping down Skids for Kids and then a hard right turn onto Conrod Straight and then home through Wayne’s World and Chem Trails. E Grade completed three laps out to Siberia and home through The Butler.

Thanks to all the first- time racers who joined us.

It is also worth putting in a big thankyou to Clint Musgrove who manages the registrations and runs the timing for us and puts in a huge effort each month, therefore foregoing a ride himself. If you see him on the registration table, make sure you say thanks – and what a damn fine moustache.

Congratulations to everyone who competed, but particularly the Grade winners

Tim Knight and Abigail Campbell – E Grade

Owen Lane and Karmell Macdonald– D Grade

Tom Liddell and Kuba McCormack – C Grade

Jay Gibson and Bess Murray – B Grade

Owen Gordon and Katherine Hosking – A Grade

Bob Sheldon – E Bike

Full results here:

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