AGM, HMBA XC RACE and DH Social REPORT – 19/06/22

Sunday the 19th of June dawned fine and the Awaba MTB Park had missed all the showers from the previous evening over Lake Macquarie, so the track was primed and grippy. A welcome change,  with this race being only the third one that actually eventuated this year due to the continual wet weather.

Before we could get down to any racing, the annual AGM was held. After confirmation of the previous AGM minutes and declaring all executive positions vacant, it was confirmed by the members present that the 2022 executive committee would be:

Josh Bridson  – President

Dallas Barham – Vice President

Warwick Turnbull – Treasurer

Vacant with no nominations  – Secretary

Thank you to Josh, Dallas and Warwick for re-applying yourselves for another year and also to Andrew Hardy for his excellent efforts as Secretary and so much assistance in obtaining grants for the park and club over the last few years. We are still looking for a nomination for the secretary’s position if anybody has any interest. Training and assistance will be provided.

When racing did start there were 72 competitors on the starting line and Dean had set an interesting course including Waynes World in reverse, the Chicken Run and no Camel Back. (although he did throw in the S-Bend Road and Jenkins Road hill climbs just to give the whippets something to test themselves against). The fastest lap time was 16 minutes 23 seconds, well done to Jason English on your 5th lap!!

Congratulations to the winners in their respective grades.

Women’s A Grade – Sophie Knox

Men’s A Grade – Jason English

Women’s B Grade – Lilli Rae

Men’s B Grade – Jorge Baron Morris

Women’s C Grade – Lorrie Mohse

Men’s C Grade – Terrance Stockil

Men’s D Grade – Callum Duvollet

Women’s E Grade – Sienna Robertson

Men’s E Grade – Connor Morgan

Open E-bike – Diana Charlton

All results can be found at the below link

Downhill ran another of their popular Social Shuttles days – 15 riders in attendance enjoyed riding the Monkey at it’s prime. A bit of mid day rain made the rock garden a little slick but everyone made it safely through the day and had a good time. Thanks to the Arthur boys for helping out with the Shuttles – we need Club Members to help run these events and it was good to see them stepping up to fill a last minute need.

Our next event will be a G-flow/Enduro event on the 25th September, at Awaba MTB park.

Our next XC and DH events will be 17th July also back at Awaba MTB park. We are planning to run an Adaptive Race at this round also.