HMBA XC Results – Club Round 5 – 20/11/22

Summer XC racing returned with avengeance on the 20th of November with warm, fine weather and the track dry and even a little dusty. A trying 7km welcome back course was set that included climbs up The Switchbacks, The Straw to the top of Camelback and the Murderhorn to take the sting out of everyones legs before giving the rewards of fast downs on the newly reinforced anthill descent, Skids for Kids, The Mark Down and Wild Polly. The chute was also included in a race for the first time in over twelve months, so kudos to all riders who competed or completed, it was the toughest course / day we have had this year.

Congratulations to the winners of each of the respective grades

D Grade Men –  Callum Duvollet

C Grade Women – Kuba McCormack

C Grade Men – Joseph Rigon

B Grade Women – Lilli Rae

B Grade Men – Scott Campbell

A Grade Women – Laura Renshaw

A Grade Men – Chris Aiken

Girls Junior Ride Program – Elise Morley

Boys Junior Ride Program – Tyce Gillespie

Don’t Forget the G-flow event at Dungog on the 10th of December and the final Christmas XC round on the 18th of December

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