2018 HMBA Presentation Day – 28/04/19

On Sunday 28/04/19 HMBA were finally able to host their 2018 Presentation Day to recognise the efforts of Club Members throughout the previous competition year.

Our Club President, Clint Musgrove, gave a rousing recollection of the significant events that occurred during 2018 and acknowledged the major contributions that some of our seasoned Committee Members have made – if you missed out on hearing this speech or would like to relive the experience please click on the Youtube link below:

Awards were given to the top place getters for each category as follows:

Cross Country

A Grade

Mens – 1st Mitch Lozinski – 2nd Neil Upton – 3rd Nicholas Woods

B Grade

Mens – 1st Rodney Rae – 2nd Sam Mackenzie – 3rd Daniel McIlwain

Womens – 1st Emily Dreaper – 2nd Georgia Marjoribanks

C Grade

Mens – 1st Richard Woods – 2nd Owen Tooley – 3rd John Henry

Womens – 1st Alicia Reed

D Grade

Mens – 1st Dominic Hill – 2nd Darcy Peel – 3rd Bailey Nichols

Womens – 1st Paula Gresham

Under 15s

1st Harry Monk – 2nd Alex Johnson – 3rd Joshua Noy


A Grade

1st Charlie Tru – 2nd Rick Kehoe – 3rd Scott McMillan

B Grade

1st Riley Chandler – 2nd Michael Clarke

Under 15s

1st Koby Porteous – 2nd William Ireland


1st Mark Collins

Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners!

HMBA Club Downhill August 2018 Results


The sun was shining & riders where super keen to hit The Monkey. Cold, Dry, Damn Dusty & Windy, but this didn’t dampen the heat that was left on the trail.

Duke Millington was the fastest of the day.. So close to breaking the under Four with 4:00.004 Congrates

Shout Out… A really BIG Thank You, Rick, Tony, Nichole, the dad that walk the track as roving marshal & Landon last minute dash out to the track. Thank you Again! The riders Thank you Too!

Awesome Day

Today”s Results 🙂

August 2018 Club DH Results

August 2018 Club DH Overall Results



HMBA Club Trial Enduro – 24/06/18

What a cracking day out on the home trails of Awaba Mountain Bike Park – today marked a test run of a new format of racing for our Club – a Point to Point / Enduro style of event, run as a social day to get feedback from Riders to help shape the future direction of racing at the track. We spoke to all Riders throughout the day and have taken on board everything that was said – this email we received earlier gives you a good idea of what you missed out on if you couldn’t make it

“Thanks HMBA for putting on such a great day of racing – I was all set for the 3 hour at Dungog and must say that I was a little disappointed when this was cancelled, although I do understand that if the trails aren’t up to it there is nothing that you can do. But not wanting to have another weekend without riding I decided to head out to Awaba and see how this ‘new format’ was going to work – and I am glad I did!
Perfect weather, if not a little cold to start, made for a thoroughly enjoyable day – there was something ‘bizarre’ about riding parts of the trails in the wrong direction – yes, I have done some of them before during XC races but to ride ‘the wrong way’ through the middle trails at your own pace during transitions made it feel like a different place.
I loved the Stage sections that you had put together, combining as much descending running as possible with the fun and flowy sections of the XC track thrown in as well – the trails were as technical as you wanted them to be based on your speed of attack, and there was nothing that was impossible for even the littlest of Riders – great to see all the youngsters out there giving it a go. I get that you need to have some climbs to gain elevation, and a bit of walking and pushing uphill was necessary to access the lower sections of the DH track, but given that you can do these transitions at your own pace and only really need to charge in the Stage sections (after an adequate rest I must add) all meant that you could just keep going for as long as you wanted – I managed 6 stage runs and left after about 2.5 hours – I’m sure others would have stayed well into the afternoon and smashed out more.
I hope that you get some good feedback about this type of event and can run them again in the future – they are a great alternative to the standard XC races and open up entries to Riders from all disciplines and ages, even old dogs like me! JB”

For more details about the event, including a report on the well attended Junior Race earlier in the day, please head to our Facebook Page at the following links:

HMBA Enduro Style Event

HMBA Club Junior Ride


HMBA Club DH Results – Awaba – 15/04/18

Another great day for racing out at Awaba MTB Park. Monkey DH was running sweet and some awesome times were put down by the small but happy field that took on the track.
Fastest times of the day:
Elite – Charlie Tru 4:17.877
Expert – Joshua Laurie 4:33.502
Masters – Craig Coggins 5:00.222
U15 – William Ireland 5:03.042

Thanks to everyone that came out, including our wounded DH coordinator Coleen!

More than ever, the help of the Volunteers is critical to the success of these days – please come out and support the club at the next round – the sharing of load makes it easier on everyone.

Click below for the weekends results:

HMBA DH Results – Rd 1 – Overall – 150418

HMBA DH Results – Rd 1 – Category – 150418