HMBA XC Race Results – Farewell Winter 1 – 28/08/19


Another fun-filled night out in the deep dark woods of Awaba for the first round of our “Farewell Winter” night race series.  21 Riders tackled 4 loops of the 4.5km track laid out by our XC Coordinator, with A-Grade rider Bryan Dunkin crossing the line as first male, and Georgia Majoribanks doing it for the ladies.

For those that have not tried Night Racing it is something different again – with the dry conditions there was a bit of dust at times, which combined with the flattening of the terrain that happens under lights at night meant that you really needed to “listen” to the feedback you were getting from your bike in terms of the grip signals coming from both the front and rear tyres.

When you can’t read the terrain as well as during the day it becomes even more important to feel what your bike is doing underneath you to allow you to stay fast.  Vision of the track ahead and around corners is also reduced so you tend to get a lot of practice at being able to react quickly to avoid that tree / root / rock / branch – something that can carry over to daylight riding to help you select better lines.

Come along next Wednesday night and give it a go!  Racing starts at 7.00pm for 1 hour.

Final results are at this link:

Or download this document:

HMBA Club Racing Results – XC Farewell Winter 1 – 280819

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