The “Farewell Winter” night race series Round 2 lived up to its name – whilst not quite balmy, the temperature was certainly up on Round 1 and saw plenty of Riders breaking out into a sweat.  Nice to see an increasing field of 34 Riders out in the dark circling the same 4.5km track as used last week.

The race was dominated by a freight train of A-Grade Riders that saw the pace of the event stepped up a notch and ending the race at 3 laps for several of the back markers (yours truly included 🙂 ). Mitch Lozinski crossed the line first but there was less than a 1/2 second in it – Trenton Day and Bryan Dunkin were 1st and 2nd “carriages”.

And we had 3 ladies out on course tonight – Em Dreaper took line honours from Georgia Majoribanks, and we also had a guest appearance from Jo Parker from Rocky Trail Entertainment, who was not officially racing but experiencing her first ever night ride – well done Jo – hope it all went smoothly.

Come along next Wednesday night 11/09/19 for the final Round of our night series!  Racing starts at 7.00pm for 1 hour.

Final results are at this link:

Or download this document:

HMBA Club Racing Results – XC Farewell Winter 2 – 040919

Any issues please email

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