HMBA 2017 DH Pointscore

It’s taken it’s time, we didn’t get it to you last year, so much going on with organizing the Nationals but here it is….

HMBA Downhill club members point score is done!

2017 HMBA Downhill Pointscore Winners

6 rounds made up the final pointscore in 2017 one of which was the 2017 Awaba DHI nationals.

The Pointscore is open to full club members only.

Riders must have competed in at least 3 races to be eligible.

The 2017 Winners, who will receive formal recognition at the AGM on 25 March 2018, are:

A Grade                                         B Grade

1st Simon Campbell                         1st Tim Threadgate

2nd Rick Kehoe

3rd Jacob Mossner

Under 17                                       Under 15

1st Josh Arcus                                1st William Ireland

Women                                          Masters

1st Coleen Kehoe                          1st Mark Collins

2nd Ellie Smith                               2nd Craig Coggins

full results can be found here:

HMBA CLUB 2017 DH Series Points

HMBA 2017 XC Pointscore

Even though many may believe that the calculations are quite simple, several things have gotten in the way over the past few months, including Christmas and organising the National DH Round, that have slowed us from being able to put together the final Pointscore for the Club XC Races.  But for those of you who have been wondering where you placed last year here are the final results:

2017 HMBA Cross Country Pointscore Winners

The winners of the pointscore is open to full club members only.

The pointscore is based on 10 races throughout the year, including the seven “normal” Sunday races, plus the three x 3 hour events.

Where a rider has changed grades throughout the year, for the purpose of the pointscore, they have been placed in the grade in which they completed the most races. They have received points for each race completed the old grade equal to the average points achieved in the new grade.

Riders must have competed in at least 4 races to be eligible.

The 2017 Winners, who will receive formal recognition at the AGM on 25 March 2018, are:








Under 15   1st: Tyler Peel

2nd: Zac Rowland


A Grade   1st: Joel Allan

2nd: Liam McGuire

3rd: Max Carter

B Grade 1st : Emily Dreaper

2nd: Simone Steele

1st: Jacob Clarke

2nd: Paul Monk

3rd: Sam Mackenzie

C Grade 1st: Alicia Reed

2nd: Rebecca Denne


1st: Steven Pryor

2nd: Warwick Turnbull

3rd: John Richardson

D Grade 1st: Paula Gresham


1st: Jayson Carr

2nd: Darren Kane

3rd: Robert Pretty

Click here for the full Pointscore Results: HMBA 2017 XC Pointscore

Club Sprint Cup Round 1 – 10/01/18

CSC Round 1

Club Sprint Round 1 is done (but not dusted as the track was perfect following the recent rain 😂) – big thanks to Rocky Trail Entertainment for organising and our trusty HMBA XC crew for setting a great course (including some fresh pieces of trail – you’ll need to be at another round to find out about these).

Winner from tonight was Mitch Lozinski followed by Mick Quinn and Shahne Bowdidge – well done guys!

First female rider was Simone Steele followed by Melanie Jefferson –great effort!

Big congrats to Sam Anderson on his first ever race – hope to see you at some more club races in the future 😎

Full results can be found at this link:

Dean Kozlik has promised a different course for next week so come along on Wednesday and join the fun

CSC Rd 1 Winners

HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – Round 7 Awaba – 17/12/17

Great to see so many riders out there today! Big thanks to the wonderful people who cooked and helped out on the BBQ, and with the timekeeping.

The track was awesome for riding – thanks  to Dean for setting a great track and to the trail fairy who swept it all yesterday! What a great ride.

A special thanks again to Civmec for our fantastic new container near the Downhill finish line.

Today’s XC results are attached.

HMBA XC Results – Round 7 Awaba -171217

HMBA Club DH Results – Awaba – 12/11/17

Perfect weather made the way for a perfect day at Awaba MTB Park. Monkey DH was prime & by first runs the word was… “running Quick” The face lift she had through the week was working, thanks Mr K. Thumbs Up!
By midday riders where ready for their timed runs. Friendly bagging & banter again the order before any race run, But that didn’t seem to put off Simon
Fastest time of the day:
Simon Campbell 4:12.174 A Grade,
Rick Kehoe 4:18.292 A Grade
Tim Threadgate 4:24.240 B Grade Another PB 🙂
Congrates all and welcome to our new riders today 🙂 smile for miles, so good to see. While Pb”S where dropping, special mention must go to our Under 13’s rider William Ireland. William at 11yrs not only takes on all that Monkey has to dish out but today he claim the title “Snake (python) jumper” In Will’s own words” it was like a log, I hit it got air. OMG” 🙂

Thanks Guys, Gals, Mums, Dads for an Awesome day!
Thank you as always to all our volunteers, we couldn’t run these events without you 🙂
Cheers Col
Today’s Results Here

Club DH November 2017

HMBA Club DH Results- Killingworth- 17/09/17

Better Late then never.

With Fires threatening Awaba MTB Park, we opted to head back to Killies to the HMBA old stumping grounds for some old school DH.. Yes no shuttles, but push runs where the only option for the day. Kehoe set a sweet track, making use of the old “Short Short” trail, which was perfect for plenty of practice, track side friendly bagging & banter before all hit the start gate. With bragging rights up for grabs our riders put down two timed runs, with Simon Campbell taking the honor over Jacob Mossner and a very impressive Cameron Ivory.

Awesome day thank everyone C

September 2017 Club P2P Results_Overall

September 2017 Club P2P Results_Categories


HMBA Club Racing Results – XC – Round 6 Awaba – 22/10/17

Great to see a good roll up of riders at Awaba today. 48 riders competed in the main event, and at least another 16riders in the kids participation ride. With so many kids turning up we’re going to need a few more volunteers so we can start timing the kids and getting some results put up for them.

Here’s a list of the kids that came out today to have a ride:

Hayden, Khan, Hamish, Ebony, Alex, Joshua, Alex, Archie, Cade, Ella, Koby, Will, Abbie, Arie, Henry and Chris.

HMBA XC Results – Round 6 Awaba -221017